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Has Yaya Toure’s agent torpedoed his Man City comeback?

Posted on November 05, 2016 by Admin

The question of whether football agents are good or bad for the game is a hot topic and I think most clubs including Manchester City would rather not have to deal with them but have to accept them as a part of the modern game. Whatever you think of them, however, the one thing we should be able to agree on is that they work in the interests of their clients.

I am not sure that this can be said of the agent of our Ivorian international midfielder Yaya Toure though. One of the best Man City players of recent years has featured in just a single game this season for us despite being fit and this is all because of the row between the player, his agent Dimitri Seluk and the new manager Pep Guardiola.

Things have been said by all parties but mostly by the agent and it was looking like it might be the end of Yaya’s career at the Etihad stadium. Toure clearly does not want things to end like this and is clearly keen to get back in the team so he issued an apology on his facebook page in the hope of building bridges.

Almost as soon as he did this, however, his agent went on Talksport to blow this apology out of the water by insisting that he would not be doing the same and undermining the sincerity of Toure’s comments.

Yaya had written, “I wish to apologise – on behalf of myself and those who represent me – to the management team and all those working at the club for the misunderstandings from the past.”

Seluk said, “I’m not apologising.

“We want peace, but I’m not apologising. Apologise for what?

“Maybe Toure has apologised for this, but I don’t know for what.

“I think Yaya don’t mean this. He wants peace between him Guardiola.”

“A lot of supporters want to see Yaya on the field and Yaya wants to help Manchester City get good results,” he said.

“A player like Yaya, one of the top players in the world who has a very big salary, normally does not stay out of the team. He must play.

“We want to make peace between Guardiola, Yaya and me for the supporters, the team and for the results.

“For Manchester City, the fans and for football, it is important Yaya plays because he is a top player.

“We will see about the future, but most important we make steps to each other. Guardiola must now do the next step, because we make a step from our side to make peace.

“Yaya has won two titles and this team is in his heart. He is a legend in the history of this club.

“Now we say nothing. We’ve made our steps now and we will see what Guardiola will do.”

Not exactly trying to calm the situation down is he? So has Toure’s agent torpedoed the midfielder’s potential return to the Man City team?

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